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End of Life Care & Hospice

End-of-life and hospice services aim to honor the bond between pets and their owners by providing compassionate care and support during this difficult time to you and your beloved pets. We understand the emotional challenges of saying goodbye to a cherished companion, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our end-of-life care services focus on ensuring your pet's comfort and dignity, with pain management and palliative care options available to help ease their transition. We also offer hospice care, providing comprehensive support and guidance to help you navigate this sensitive time. Our team is committed to providing a peaceful and respectful experience for both you and your pet.

What We Offer

  • Pain Management - Providing pain relief is a top priority in end-of-life care. Our veterinarians may prescribe medication or recommend an alternative therapy to keep your pet comfortable. 

  • Comfort Care - Our doctors are able to provide advise as to what methods and environments are best and how to implement them to keep your pet comfortable and minimize stress. 

  • Nutritional Support - Pets nearing the end of their lives may have reduced appetite or difficulty eating. Our doctors and staff can recommend special diets or feeding methods to ensure your pet is receiving adequate nutrition. 

  • Quality of Life Assessments - Our veterinarians will help assess your pet's quality of life and provide guidance on if and when euthanasia may be the most compassionate option.

  • Euthanasia Services - When the time comes, our veterinarians can provide euthanasia services in our clinic, from the comfort of your car, or on a comfy blanket in our grassy park. We aim to make this process as peaceful and painless as possible for your pet. 

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